My Heart

O what is this pain
that is reaping me apart?
It is shooting true my stomach
Dissecting my heart

My heart, my heart!
It's been trampled upon,
had bled, ached and still mended.

It stood against the test of time;
Years of wear and tear
threatened damage beyond repair, but
still kept ticking, sustaining my life
unaware of its fate,
worst then a stab with a knife

My heart, my heart!
In trouble has now landed
inconceivable names i was branded
The words that you uttered with hate
has brought my heart in this state.

It shattered in million peaces
and no one can put it together.
My heart will remain
broken forever.........


by Milica Franchi De Luri

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Comments (5)

Broken heart can be balmed by Love… The pangs of broken heart indeed looks solace…but you’ve vented and shared it so I hope it is lessened …shared grief is halved …I think… 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK
Realy good. I dont know what to say im speechless.
dear millca.....this poem really touched my heart! all of us go through, heartaches and sorrow at some point of life.we have to accept the good and the bad gracefully as an experience in life.....and not let it touch our a dropp of water does not get absorbed inthe lotus leaf.sorrows should touch us and go.lovely write and very emotional.......ritty
A very emtional poem well penned I felt the hurt in your words and I agree people hurt you with their words
Its sad when poeple don't think before they speak, not say things they can't ever take back, very good poem, thank you with love kat sorrow