A Beautiful Day (With You)

I dream of a beautiful day with you,
walking hand in hand in the park
along the duck pond.
Just enjoying your company as we stroll along,
feeling your love and your warmth next to me.

A beautiful day with you spent talking and laughing,
sharing our favorite things and why they're important,
telling stories reliving old times,
filling in the gaps of when contact was gone.
A beautiful day together just spending time.

A beautiful day with you just cuddling in bed,
no need for more just being close together
embracing each other hearts and souls mending together.
A beautiful day with you just having you
in my arms next to my body.

A beautiful day is any one I spend with you.
Hearing your voice and your laugh,
seeing your eyes and smile sparkle making
my heart beat a thousand miles an hour.
A beautiful day is one spent with you.

I love you so much and the days aren't as bright,
not having you here or talking makes things
dim and hazy in need of an Angels light.
I pray you'll return and see the truth in my eyes.
A beautiful lifetime with you is what I call a prize.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (2)

This is the first poem that I encountered when I was younger. Southern California Metro had placed poems throughout various bus lines, and I was completely affected by it. There's such a beauty in it's simplicity that I find incredibly moving.
the last part of this poem is something strange and strong...Frank O' Hara. Had you passed your time thinking of verses after verse to make a poem...Good...