My Heart

Poem By Kristien Blend

Give it back
give me back my heart
you don't deserve to hold it anymore
you've broken me
I trusted you
I gave you everything
and you crushed it
I watched it all crumble
in the palms of your hands
while you smiled at me
and kept me sedated
with your pretty lies
You know how it hurt me
you knew that what you did
your choices
they would break my heart
they would awaken the demons
that I told you about
the demons you witnessed a few times
You knew it would hurt me
but that wasn't enough
to stop you
I wasn't enough
So give it back
my heart that you are so
intent on keeping for yourself
You tell me to move on
but I am still bound to you
because you won't give it back
my heart
I can't fight off the demons
without my heart
They're growing so strong
It took me 16 years to fight them off
last time
I don't know if I can do it again
Maybe I shouldn't
Perhaps I should let them take over
let them end me
would it end the pain?
Just give it back,
my heart

Comments about My Heart

Really pity. I feel it. no matter you love poem. you will not be deceived. you will never get pain rather joys throughout. keep writing.

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