My Heart

Poem By Heather Noble

This pain it won't stop.
It won't go away.
It lingers.It's painful.
Not physically, but emotionally.
It makes me cry.My temper flares.
Embedded in my chest; the pain.
Bit by bit it grows.
Larger and larger.
Day by day.
I want it to stop, but it won't.
It's not just loneliness and anger.
It's hurt, betrayal, sadness, and a longing to be loved.
A longing to be needed.
This pain devours my happiness in a minute.
No notice. No sign.
It just does.
This pain tells me I'm different.
Not normal. Not needed. Unimportant.
This pain is me heart.

Comments about My Heart

Excellent writing, this poem really touched my heart.I agree with this poem. Keep it up

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4,2 out of 5
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