NK (1981 / Nakuru, Kenya)

My Heart

I have no words, only fears
Lots of them
Pressed in, overflowing

The wind is still
And like a leaf, I’m coming down
I struggle to go up again
I can’t
There is nobody to propel me up!

Within me my heart is a stone
By too much hopes and fears

Am the dry leaf

I look around
I can’t
My sight is dimmed
By worry

I am sinking, frozen
Wriggling free is out of question
It is a dreary and barren task

Will I ever rise again?
Will I ever see light?

Like a broken ceramic I lie

If only I get a dropp of hope
For my soul
And a tingling of assurance
For my heart
And an inkling of light
For my mind
I may rise again
Just maybe

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