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~my Heart...

say, tell, yell, shout, whisper,
do whatever it takes,
to tell me you love me.

I'll hold you tight when nights are cold.
whisper in my softest voice, -'i love you'
I'll hold your hand, infront of a crowd.
yell, with all my might, when we hike up that moutain.
'i love you'

I'll kiss you in the rain,
never lettin go of that hand of yours,
for i will cherish every kiss, hug,
and every moment i lay stayin wide awake
with you, over the phone.

your voice is like a wake up call,
soft as the angels above,
the sound of evenin birds singin.

you keep my heart pumpin.

by Dislocated Heart

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hmmm........lucky girl
very sweet and cute. great job! !