DW ( / Israel)

My Heart And Head

my abused heart is telling my head
that i should really not fall in too deep
and when im showing signs of a smile
it keeps the smile away from me.

i guess it knows whats best.
but who should i listen to?
my crippled heart or knowing head?
should i really believe in you?

my heart rules the universe
but my heads beginning to demand
that i listen to it's reason
and follow it instead.

and with every 'i love you'
i can't help but be denied
the true happiness i should feel
because of my stupid pride.

how dare i fall so easily?
how dare i fall so fast?
i really should start listening to
the two that lived in my past.

ive got to admit the pressure.
and the happiness i do feel
whenever i say i love you
and know its got to be somewhat real.

it feels like im actually worth it
because no ones ever made it clear
and its so great to hear you say it
even if its so hard to hear.

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