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My Heart Belongs To You

My Heart Belongs to You
Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers, Wednesday, August 26,2009, @ 6: 10 PM, Number 100

I am as a child clinging to their mother
You have captured my heart and I love you like no other
You have brought me joy and so much laughter
I will love you from here till ever after

Here is my life I give to you to remold
All this for you to have and to hold
I cherish the day you passed my way
Without your love, I can't make it through the day

You have brought me delight from whence there was only sadness
You have become the source of my happiness
You have brought me a fresh start a new
There is simply nothing for you I won't do

God must have made you with me in mind
You are so special, precious, and kind
When you are away I cry all day
I would lose my mind if you left me behind

Take my heart and all I have to give
For without you I don't even want to live
I stand here naked before your eyes
To leave you would truly be unwise

Take me darling just as I am
You are the leopard and I the lamb
Anything asked and I will fulfill
Consume me my love and do to me what you will

I will show you that I'll always be there
Let me show you how much I care
Let me whisper softly in your ears
I will calm your wildest fears

Lay down and let me rub your naked body with a hot scented oil
Attentive I'll be for you I'll truly spoil
I'll massage your feet where it aches
I'll lay with you till morning breaks

I will hold you until my arms go numb
You bring me excitement where there's boredom
The angels weep for their tears fall from the sky
If ever to you I say goodbye

You are the very life within me
I would die just to hold you briefly
You are a vision of heaven to behold
Without your love, I will grow old and cold

I the empty vessel without a soul
Consumed by grief my heart turns to charcoal
Weeping and wailing, I cannot be consoled
I the crazed maniac cannot be controlled

I will stay with you through the thick and the thin
I will stay with you no matter what mood you're in
I will stay with you whenever you're sad
I will stay with you for you are the best I ever had

My love for you cannot be defined
My love is greater than all the oceans combined
My love for you I cannot confine
My love, my world, my one and only sunshine

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