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My Heart Belongs To You

My Heart Belongs To You

I understand the feelings so well
As I have felt them before
And now reminiscing
Has left me in pain once more
I realize that you are gone
You're no longer mine
Now all I do is lick the wounds
Of bitter time

You are very far...
So far away from me.
All I can do is wait for you,
And keep on crying endlessly.
How did I let you go?
How did I let you slip away?
Now I'm all alone,
Without a love to call my own
And this coldness around me will always remain.

Why did I let you leave?
If only I ran after you
There is more to us than tales and lies
If you'd take a moment, you'd realize
That I've never loved no one else but you
My heart belongs to you
And I am sure somewhere inside
You feel the same way too

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