My Heart Breaks But I’m You’re Man

I’ll kiss you
In another reality
Where the stars croon
Like a 1920’s singer.

Fantasy dances
In my eyes tonight,
Roses form wedding rings
And everywhere
There is a chapel
With open doors….

You know I love you,
Every myth is true,
There will never be
Greater lovers
Wandering these rainy streets again.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (7)

a wonderful poem
This is vintage Uriah Hamilton. What more needs to be said? Warm regards, Sandra
the astounding honesty rips into the heart just goes into it the truth of true love nothing like it and to gather words into a poem and then give that poem freely to all that deserves the highest praise
I agree with Ivy.........the sadness bleeds through yet it's such a beautiful poem! The romance and passion that is in your heart is so wonderful. You are just about as beautiful as a person I've ever known Uriah. You should know that (and believe that!) Sincerely, Mary
beautiful images in this romantic poem my friend, but I sense sadness behind the lines since from the title and the use of both fantasy and 'another reality' implies a desire for spending more time with her in real life than in dreams. Don't let your heart break Uriah, it is far too precious! excellent write! HBH
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