My Heart Can'T Get Any Worse

Tonight I'll stand under the streetlight
So you can count my tears
Falling so hard for you
In sighting each of my fears
I'll not wipe them away
I'll just let myself cry
I won't even try to pull myself together
As I slowly die inside
Don't wipe the tears from my cheeks
Don't tell my its okay
You don't know how it is
You've never felt this way
Try to turn away
Act like you don't care
You can any other time
But this time when you turn, the tears are still there
This time I won't try
I'll let the mascara bleed
Right in the middle of this highway
I stand for the world to see
'Look everyone, I'm crying! '
My face seems to scream
This time I won't wipe the tears away
No matter how it seems
Pain has made me stronger
Even though I look like a wreck
I'll be the most gorgeous mess you've ever laid eyes on
And the saddest corpse when I dropp dead
I'll be your most beautiful disaster
I'll be your worst mistake
Now I stand in the light
So you can hear my heart break

by Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

Comments (2) soul always says dis for.......
Hey Tatianna This is painful..... but, please do not cry no more... every word you framed here are your tears... question is who is reading it! KEEP WRITING...