493. Love Is Like A Mighty Castle

Love is like the mighty castle
built with stones of honesty and understanding
bonded by passion and desire
if constructed carefully and properly
surrounded with the proper defences of mutual respect
would surely last a lifetime

The siege weapons of mistrust and infidelity
threaten the security of the citadel
to bring it to destruction
when backed up by an army of lies and doubt
they can be formidable enemies

The walls are attacked everyday
as cracks appear due to the assault
as parts of the defences start to crumble
the relationship is sorely tested

An army of forgiveness is required
to wipe out the potential invasion
if the defending forces are proved stronger
the attacks can be repelled successfully

While the fortress may be damaged
it can still be repaired with time
of course there are some that can never be fixed
as the bonds that kept them strong fail and break

by John Westlake

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