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My Heart Is A Songless Bird
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My Heart Is A Songless Bird

My heart is a songless bird
Melting into a highway overpass
Where she crashed and burned.

I live in a room of mirrors
But they only reflect the past,
Short-lived joy doomed to be surpassed
With loneliness beneath a loveless moon.

See me rummaging through the trash
Searching for a bouquet
You threw away years ago.

I want to walk half-drunk
On the midnight streets
Of a ruthless city’s worse neighborhoods
Until the last drop
Of my murdered blood seeps
Into the dirty drains
Of emotional defeat.

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Comments (5)

wow... this one really touches me. It's how I feel about posting all my poems here.
I agree with everything said here. It is certainly the best of your poems. I really love the image about the mirrors only reflecting the past...and searching through the trash. That's such clear image of what we do when we cling to the past...i.e. take our garbage with us. Good work. Raynette
Oh my....you really got me deep inside Uriah. I felt this one.
Nice work, buddy. You're hitting the deeper parts; don't stop. Keep hitting them; mix it up, think outside of the box.
Uriah! This is a really good poem. I love the lines about the bouquet. Great stff!