My Heart Is Breaking

My heart is in my throat
I wish to cry so much
The knife you know
How to pierce my heart
Your indifference
To my love for you
Is tearing me apart.

You play this game
Of hide and seek
Giving me hope
Yet saying naught
You know I love you
I told you so
In a so subtle way
Many times before.

The distance you decide to keep
Is tearing me apart
Now if there were a reason
Or someone else
I might be able to part
But you play this distance game
The mask in place
You let me hope
For the day
Which might never come
And you're tearing me apart.

If you love me let me know
If you don't let me go
I can't go on
Into the unknown
It's been three years come 1st November
I can't take it any more.

by Holly Moon

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