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My Heart Is Broken
HN (8/27 / Victorville)

My Heart Is Broken

Poem By Heather Noble

Does anyone know that my heart is broken?
Perhaps no one really knows because of the laughter I show when I'm with them,
Nobody knows that my heart is hurting because of that person.
Those days in love it was the laughter that made me happy,
Waking up in the morning next to the person that I loved,
It was everything that I could wished for,
But the laughter faded when the person said it was over.

Years have passed by but the memories are still here,
And I don't think I could ever erase the person from my mind,
Those wonderful memories from my heart.
My heart is bleeding from the sad memories that were once happy,
I can laugh and laugh,
I can lie to myself and my friends,
But the tears from the laughter are the tears from the heartbreak.

Sometimes in the nights I hear myself laughing,
The laughter that echoes through the nights,
Through the lonely dark room,
I sometimes realize that not all of the echoing sounds are laughter,
But they are the tears and sadness coming from my heart.
How can I erase anything when the person's love was so beautiful?
How can I erase that person from my memory,
When I still love that person so much

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