(in The Darkest Corner)

In the darkest corner
of yesterday's face
the child sits
frozen with fear
The child's face
forever untouched by the ash-white
hand of time,
will never show corners for me
to hide in.
In his face
once my own, I keep forgetting,
the are only marble-clean
unwrinkled and unwithered
stretches of skin
upon which to stand and ache
in plain view.

by Jonathan Land

Comments (3)

What a beautiful poem this is with a touch of sadness, I though, at the end! The last stanza gave me a little problem at first, but on a secons reading, I took it all in. Luis Estable
Fantastic poem. So many emotions expressed so well. Loved it.
This had me in tears.... How beautiful a description of the sheer exhaustion of loving one who does not return the emotion. The first stanza I believe expresses the need to just slow down and wishing she could lead her lover through all the memories she holds so dear. The second I think is my favourite, where one glances and all is lost. The unable to touch. Oh the tears. I wish they would go away. Something lovelier in loves face death (I swoon at the poignance here) she wonders I think if her lover may beguin to regret Although Charlotte believes this may happen I think she knows she is nohw internally dead. I must save this. Ps this is just my interpretation. Love her photo. So charismatic.