My Heart Is Sad Tonight

Poem By Catherine Hendry

I want to love
I want to be loved
I want to cry
I want someone to catch my tears
I want to feel safe
I want someone to make me feel safe
Am I asking too much?
I want a friend
I want someone worthy of being my friend
I want to sleep
I want someone to wake up next to
I NEED a hug
I NEED someone who will hug me, without suffocating me
Do I seem desperate?
I want to talk
I want someone who will listen
I want to walk in the rain
I want someone who isn't afraid to get wet
I want to smile
I want someone to smile for
Is there a secret to all of this?
I just want a loving, friend, who cares about ME and MY heart
I want someone who I can trust, that I can feel content with
I want someone who understands the ins and out AND the ups and downs
I want someone who will cherish me the way I cherish them...
At this juncture, I don't know if that 'SOMEONE' even exists!
But, I can always DREAM I suppose...

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So easy to hear your passions in this one. Read mine - Everybody Has had Somebody - Adeline

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