My Heart's Seasons

Poem By poppy miller

You have seasoned my heart with summer spice
Brought on the air from paradise
Clothed me in fall's sacred shades
To wrap around like scented glades
And when my night leaves midnight skies
You bring my morning star, the sunrise,
With a smile so like the burst of spring
And morning lips pursed to cling.
You, to me are all my seasons
Guiding me with persuasive reasons
But when my life faints and falls
And my last dawn's winged chariot calls
I will take with me your graceful love
To eternity to set your name above.

10: 35 AM.

Comments about My Heart's Seasons

This reminds me of older English poetry, from the 17th century. I have been reading a lot from this era lately, so that could be partly why. But I think it is also because of the linking of nature to one's own life, feelings and seasons. Well done!
Thankyou Tom. I'm glad the seasoning was to your taste.
well seasoned and for all seasons. Good poem Tom Billsborough
Thankyou Barry for such a kind response.
A wonderful note to the loved one. Well written.

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