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My Heart's Strongest Weakness

My Heart's Strongest Weakness

Do u still think about me as mush as I think about u?
I miss u every second of every day
Please give me a sign.. let me know if you’re ok
I mean, I know you died, and you went away

But... I wonder about some things
What’s it like there?
Do you have wings?
I’ve been so curious about these things..

Can you always see me?
Or does that happen only sometimes?
Do you get sad when you think of me?
Or are you happy and out of worries?

You’re my angel, you’re my light
The best thing that ever happened to me
In such a long time.

..... I’ve been so lost since you’ve been gone
Every day I miss you more...
A part of me died when you went away
You will forever remain..
My heart’s strongest weakness.

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