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My Heart's Voice
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My Heart's Voice

Love is a feeling that can't be explained in words
Music is a sound that can't be expressed in words
Like Love and Music my heart has a voice
And must be heard
Pure as Love and Pure as Music
Pure as the Almighty One
Pure as the Sunlight and the Moonlight
and all the Sacred Rivers
and the Oceans and the Blue Skies that abound
Such is my love for you
Just as animals feel the love and music of each other
They have words too
The Heart's Voice
You are my real happiness and the peace of my soul that I searched for through centuries and centuries and
Now by the wish of Nature and as our Destinies wished
I' m so close to my Wisdom
The music of my life that keeps my heart beating forever
And at last my heart has found its Voice...

For my sweetheart wife Sangeetha

edited by my beautiful wife Sangeetha!
My Tagore!
The most beautiful person in my life!

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Comments (2)

It's a beautiful poem which grows more wonderful everytime I read it. Thank you Minku from my heart to yours.
A voice from the heart that echos the hidden love-a nice poem.