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My Heart's Wish
(January,1975 / Georgia)

My Heart's Wish

Poem By Lacy Greear Kobilis

Your hair of silver, brown and black
Your lips of harvest, no passion lacks
Your eyes of almond shape, bursting with glow
The mystery behind them, I wish to know
Your laughter dripping with seductive tone
The hell you leave, when leaving me alone
The power of your hands, electricity creates
And in my heart, hopeless love aches
Dear friend, my lover I wish for you to be
Dear friend, eternity is reserved, for you and me
Take me in your arms, my sweet Prince
What spell of my love, to your heart convince
I long for walks, with joy kidnapping the day
And Lovers games for we will explore, and play
With romance blooming, we sit by a fire
To kiss and touch, and feed our desire
We sit together, holding hands, side by side
Then we look at each other,
in front of the flames
Flickering light reflects your eyes,
As you stare at me with acclaim
Placing your hand on my cheek,
Kissing me softly and long
I can hear the popping of the fire,
As it turns into a beautiful love song
A song my heart has begun to sing
And with love making it's way to us,
My life begins to change
No more wondering of love or hate
No more lonely nights
Wondering if it's the last I can take
Because if only for a night, in your arms I have
Forever near and dear I will hold the memory
I would never think forever of our love
Because for just that moment,
you were as one with me
To hold the one you love,
the way that I love you
Is the most joyous thing,
I could ever do
So dear friend, I leave with you,
thoughts of how I feel
As it shames me so, that my love,
you think not real
My character in question,
my confessions you do not believe
My heart's wish, I pray daily,
in hopes one day you'll see
For present times have bent the branches,
of once a very strong tree
A tree of confidence and power
My tree of stability,
now tainted with lies, I choke
But look with a positive eye,
for I am only bent – not yet broke.
I believe that nourishment
is slowly on its way
It will break the cold torture of night,
with miracle sunshine of the day
I will flourish and rise again tall,
and it's you I want there with me
The one who taught me again to love,
Completely, wholeheartedly, and unconditionally……

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Girl! ! ! I love this poem. You work have really come a long way.