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My Heart Sings For Christmas And On Each New Year

I'd climb over mountains travel cross seas
I'd wrestle with tigers or whatever you please
I'd solve world hunger bring rain to a drought
My love for you girl is that strong there's no doubt

I'd swim cross the ocean to see you one night
In a ring with a bull i gladly would fight
I'd capture a polar bear as big as they are
To be with you girl is to hang on a star

Whatever it takes and whatever I must
Is what I will do to gain your trust

My heart sings for Christmas and on each New Year
But sings loudest for you and i wish you were here

Beau Golden

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Comments (3)

This is the Beau showing all his romantic colours. It doesn't suck and needs a decent title about, 'Beau Jangling Love' as you seem to think it's not cool to express your romantic rhyming side? Smiling at you, Tai
What a way to get people to read a love poem like this. It is a lot better than what the title implies. good one if i could rate it it would be a 10. Always & 4ever, Grace
It does not suck, it is just lovingly mushy. Patricia Gale