My Heart Smile To You

Fear not for i holds you in my heart
I was not bought but was made
In the perfection of the image of the maker
My heart smile to you all for your good wishes
You sang melodiously to me in tribulation
To calm my dying soul which seek help.
I won't forget your kindness in the dark
But your warmth enduring smiles will last
Forever in my smiling heart of hope.
Tell Ugonma, i am doing good now
She is not a deceiver all i know
To Ugochinyere, for holding my pen
THose times i dosed off on the table in the night
Tell Nnamdi, i forget not his tales and poems
My ears are dying to listen again without pain
Mother was there when the dreams were slippery
Away but she made my heart smiled again
Thanks to the great beholders of pen
They inspired me dawn and dusk in their books
Acknowledgement so long i wrote in absence of gut
Inspire my orders in the dawn not revised motion
Skeletal wishes from the immovable heart of a queen
To Ranyinudo, for guiding my thoughts to book
I won't forget the whispering of that lonely queen

She sang to me and showed me what love means to her
To the people-of-Exra-ordinary- talents(POET) warm wishes
Embraces to Mccoy, who slept every day with the manuscript
Kisses have i sent to father for his moral support
My sister showed me what womanhood stood for, grace to her
My brother danced day and night to see me through
My heart smiles to you all for your kind gesture
Register your good deeds in your heart
some are registered in my palms for rewards
I wished for my wish to become a wish come true
So to increase your worth and value
Say me well to Nwayibe, i hold her
Tight in my heart but my erudite pen will fail me in honouring you here.
TO Ifeanyi, i love your courage
TO Mbanefu, i promise never disappointing
Disgrace not fear but handle him with care.
To chimaobim, I am becoming a great writer.
To Ifesinachi, thanks for teaching me how to hold pen
John chizoba vincent cares, i cares for you all
To ifedayo, i promise to beat the drum louder.
To my ancestral home, i will write about
You when the world recognizes my voice
To my humble friend, the pen, i hold you high above all
My image maker, God, i love you above all
My photocopy, mother, i missed your love

To my carbon copy, father i am doing just fine.
My humble heart smile to you all.

©John chizoba Vincent

by john chizoba vincent

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