My Heart Speaks True

Waiting consciously trapped in my mind,
How can I be so blind.
I thought we could be more.
Maybe, forever mine?

Hearts pumping thick red drops drains,
Your love is still pumping coursing through my very veins.
Left with a mark of your domain,
I'm slowly going permanently insane.

You fell out of love,
Left me with my own thoughts hazed above.
Thinking about maybes and what ifs,
I should of done more to keep this beautiful gift.
We fought through thick and thin,
Arguments piercing deep within.

You only wanted me when your lonely,
I just wanted to hold you closely.
You lied made the change,
Asked for a second chance..
I gave in beaten.
I should be angry mad everyone says,
I still think of your cute quirky ways.
Heart beating with a single thought,
Never thought I'd be the one to get caught.

I will be here waiting,
Forever debating.
My heart speaks true.

by Andy Sayasone

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I liked it.... well done Andy