My Heart Strings

She plays my heart strings like a flat top guitar,
and I love that woman, where ever we are,
she has my mind as well as my heart,
I think about her, when we are apart,
I think of the kindness to others she gives,
I think of the memories, we often relive,
I think of the times both good and bad,
some were so happy, some were so sad,
put them all in a lifetime, a lifetime so long,
they would make a great poem, or a great song,
the music she created, from the strings of my heart,
gave us our future, it gave us our start,
it made me feel humble, yet made me feel proud,
I want to praise her for singing out loud,
so the world can hear and under stand,
that she is my woman, that I am her man.

by Harry Bryant

Comments (1)

A very nice poem Harry! A touching write to your lady! ! *10*! ! Thanks for sharing! ! Thad