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My Heart, Why Won’t You Blossom

My heart, my young heart
why won’t you blossom?
winter lies within you
ice queen frozen in her kingdom
caged bird stolen from freedom
an old man without wisdom

I never saw it, never saw the start
the day you went askew
was the day of shadows
the song of sparrows
replaced by the nightingale’s

Still sore from cupid’s blade
the blade of sweet pain
sweet pain lasted a decade
a decade decayed
heart wither and fade
a dandelion in eternal night

Fly away dandelion seeds
seeds of worries and fears
planted in this heart for years
fly and be seen no more
seed no more
bring no more tears

So blossom my heart
blossom gentle cherry
bright red and sweet
once more feel your beat
once more be merry
free of dandelion seeds
bare and ready
for new petals

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