QT (July 23,1989 / Miami, FL)

My Heart Wont Heal From The Perspective Of 2

(Kori) : Lonely nights, rain, thunder, cant even sleep at night. That's how it feels to hurt at night, when the pain just won't go away; When it hurts to take a breathe day by day- That's how it feels when my heart can't heal.
When the past shows up on your face, and the tears of heart ache rolls down your face.People say wait for love, but i say why wait? when you know love is pain, drama, hate, and defeat.
There's so many ways to say what love is, but no matter what love is it's a game that you just cant win.
You roll the dice an try to score big but when faith comes around, and if your like me there's no way you can win. So do you give up, or do you roll again?
My heart can't heal an i dont intend to tell you why, so there's no need to try to fix it let me live my life!
No matter what you say or do my heart wont heal and thats a sworn feeling i take to my grave.

(Taz) : How can something that has been wounded so many time be reconstructed? How can you give a person your heart when they cant be trusted?
There's is no patches, no staples that can make my heart whole, when it's been torn apart; my heart cant beat when it's rhymth is lost.
Healing a heart does not consist of material things or a card with written words and can sing-My heart wont heal
Put my heart at a shooting range and watch the blood dropp like rain, my heart wont heal it's left in vain there's no rainbow after this rain-There's no medicine to heal this pain; I can feel the hurt running through my veins.
Feel as if my heart will never become whole, so many shot to the chest my heart is filled with holes.Healing my heart is a goal no one has the power to do, my heart is for sell i'm tormented so its free for you.Maybe you can fill in the bullet wounds of four walls as a empty room; Blood stain stains the room healing is a process long down the road to a story thats untold.


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this poem was deep and touched me