My Heartbeat Is You…

My heartbeat is you when I rest in the shade
It’s ever so true that you’re wonderfully made
Each tiny expression that crosses your face
Reflects your decision to refill the space
Which once languished empty, desolate, dry
You filled up with plenty, ending my cries

My heartbeat is yours when I draft my own song
Of loving which pours from rivers made strong
You taught me the joy to be seen in this world
Each rambunctious boy and angelic girl
Play melodies fluently, soft on my ear
Comforting tenderly, each passing year

My heartbeat is ours in the depths of my dreams
Serenity flowers with the fruits of our schemes
And clouds do not stay to shadow my soul
They are blown far away without taking a toll
For our streambeds are clear, sinuous, sated
You’ve always been here, since the moment we mated

My heartbeat is you…

by Betty Jo Hilger

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