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My Hearts Museum

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

Maybe not a present but its what I wish to give
Something a peasant would end up giving a king
Maybe I’m not taking you to Italy, Sicily or Rome
But into a simple museum carved out of mere stone
I will personally lead you trough the corridors
Till we come to a hall then make a left to a room filt and rebuilt not long ago

In this room there will be many windows and through each one u will see my heart being broken just as awful as can be
Your heart will be ill as you watch my heart breaking scenes fulfill

But you soon see that in a corner a window is empty
But do not fret my love for that window is for us
Do not break my heart and fill this window once more still
For love is like a prophesy still yet to be fulfilled

Do me a favor love
One favor just for us
Remember my eyes when you’re mad at me
Remember my smile when you’re sad I’m gone
Above all remember not to try to improve me for if you love me you won’t care
And remember love that empty window is still there.

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