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My Hearts Voice, My Souls' Cry
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My Hearts Voice, My Souls' Cry

Poem By Sam Timpano

The voice of my heart
Speaks silent words
THAT only in my soul can be heard
What does it say?
Ana my love, it is telling me I must
Find the words somehow and say
'ANA, I NEED YOU, Ana I want you
Ana, I love you'

The voice of my heart
Thundering through my being and is my souls' cry
Keeps saying Sam, ' Sam you have to FIND A WAY
And FOR more than just one day
To have her with you as each new day starts'
Ana, can you hear what my heart is saying and my soul is crying out?
They are telling me I have to find a way
To be together with you every day

And if you could only hear, the voice of my body
The words my arms speak
As their desire to hold you cause me to melt and go weak
Just at the sight Of you
In the heat of your night
In the cool of your day
What, Ana, what do you hear my body say?
Do you hear it say, ' oh Ana, I need you here
To hold you near
And never let you go'
It is begging you my treasured ana,
'Let Sam have the time and chance to find a way
To make you know today
The love and need he has for you'

And when at night you are tossing and turning
In your bed you should know
For Your love I am also yearning
To have you near to me, holding you with love
And never have to let you go

I will Forget what's wrong or right
And beg you to let me hold you through my every night
So you can hear the voice of what you have caused to grow so deep inside me

Deep within my very being
I long to make love to you my treasure
And to know the pleasure
Of this love I feel and have to share each day
With you and So You will hear my heart say
All that I have been dreaming

I cannot let you be just a desire inside my fantasy
And pass another day with just that dream of you
I need you with me as real as my heart
I desire you deep inside and with every part
Ana, You are what for oh so long my soul
has needed to finally be made free
To finally be made whole

I need you Ana and I love you, Sam

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