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My Hero (Dad)
SU (9-01-92 / Alabama)

My Hero (Dad)

Poem By Scarred Unknown

you have been there for me
whether i wanted you or not
you mean everything to me
and i know it might not show
but you are my only hero

you keep me
on the right path
you open doors
and you push me high
so that i can fly
as far as i can go

i know we argue
and i know we bicker
but through all and all
it ends the same
you know me more
than i know me
you show me things
i'd never see
i know that to you
i mean everything
but did you know
you are my everything

you gave me all i have
and show me what i don't
you keep me humble
and you keep me true
but the best you do
is let me know what i do
and no matter what i do
you'll still be there

you are the only one
who has stayed with me
stayed by me
and loved me

through all these things
are the reasons why
you are and always will be
my hero

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Comments (4)

This may be the finest tribute to a father that I have read. I always wanted a little girl so I could teach and show her all the things she needs to know and spoil her with my love for her. To me, its the only tribute a man should ever truly desire in life. I shall treasure this one and put it on my favorites list. Spectacular, just spectacular. GW62
This is a wonderful tribute to your Dad...very nicely said. Hugs, dee
i can only hope to be as good of a dad as you have described here. you two must have a very special bond. very moving.
Oh great, i get to sing my fav song again... Dont you know that your my hero... nice write scared...8