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My Heroes Are Elsewhere

I've never been a soldier or fought in war and I've been called a coward
Yet I would not bow to Australia's Queen or salute Johnny Howard
And if George W Bush or Tony Blair were driven down my street I would look the other way
Do not tell me who I should respect that is for me to say.

Though in fairness to Elizabeth of her it can be said
That she is not in any way responsible for the thousands of war dead
And though the leaders of the so called Coalition of the willing to their God in church pray
Old Moses Fifth Commandment they see fit to disobey

John Howard has been re-elected Prime Minister of Australia but for that he can't thank me
I cannot see the good in him that many seem to see
The one who send young Aussies to war in Iraq and demonize refugees
Poor Stateless people who only seek a better life from war torn Lands beyond the seas.

In his Election victory speech on the t v of one of his statements I took note
He said I will even represent the people who for me who did not vote
But how can he represent those who to him can't relate
We will leave him to his karma since his karma for him wait.

I would not bow to Elizabeth or salute Johnny Howard
Though as Australia's Prime Minister he has been re-empowered
Nor I would not applaud George W Bush or Mr Tony Blair
These people are not my heroes my heroes are elsewhere

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