My Hesitation To Realize.

An intense game full of tells and bluffs.
Me and you, head to head.
I'm winning so, naturally I have no fear.
You bluff, I call.
I bluff, you can tell.
We're both hitting hard but I have the edge.

I wasnt worried at all so I lost.

I guess I wasnt into the game when I should have been.
I was going all in too.

Cherry, I'm now at a loss for words.

by Methods Create Madness

Comments (2)

At leas 80% of a poet work is imagination and I can see plenty in you! Well penned and poignant write! You got talent to keep inspiring the World! 10+++ Love and Peace for always!
lol I like your style! lol Thinking you have the edge? lol smiling at you lowering the bar! Tai lol