My Hidden Mirror Of Truth

Poem By Theodore J. Olson Jr.

As I stand;
I see many people that come and go.
I gaze at the front door during my hours of rest,
when no one is near.
People come and their bright smiles shine,
while their warm words touch.
Out of all the people,
One face is more familiar then the rest.
I see and watch him everyday.
He is nice to all.
He tries to do so many things for others.
He makes others happy, but hurts himself.
He wore many masks throughout the past.
Now, he only wears half of a mask.
He loves, but is hurt.
He tries, but fails.
And he continues to question.
He knows; but can't fully show.
For the love he has is only half known.
The masks that he wears are only an act,
Nothing true, nothing fact.
This painful hurt from deep inside.
Never revealed, only kept to hide.
A hurt that builds with each passing day,
A pain that grows and never goes away.
I see the way, but he is blind.
A way to life, soon left behind.
For the hurt he carries is hard to bear,
A hurt so helpless because he doesn't share.
He never reveals, the feelings he feels.
I try to help him, for the truth I see.
A unique man just waiting to be.

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