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My High Flight
STO (4th May / Purulia)

My High Flight

Poem By smk the observer of emotions

The blue sky calls to take a flight
but the land clutches me
says the limit is the ground.
I see the birds greedily.
If I too would have wings.
If I could have broken these strands yoking me.
I feel a call when a bird sings,
I think of the days when I was happy here
With all bonds around me.
Then, why am I not happy now?
Why the things seem to be different?
I get no answer to these querries but-
I get a lot of thoughts over them.
I feel to be changed or the world and not me!
I feel a turning point or a good luck coming to see.
And then at last
when the monotonous life calls,
I look at the sky with a smile
giving each other some hopes.
And as I move away I hear myself saying-
'Sometime of my life,
I would have a higher flight than the birds.'

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a nice poem, Soumika... Ends on a very optimistic note... Asma...