My Hijab

Poem By Samudeen M.A. Ilimu

How funny the world has become

I am mocked for choosing to wear a Hijab

I get stereotyped for the way I dress

Some even claim I am so much oppressed

The Hijab is my choice and mine only

It is by no means an oppression

As it is never to please any man

But the Creator of the heavens and man

In my Hijab, I have found solace

Never to feel shy of my woman-ness

My modesty is protected

My dignity unscathed

Yes, I publicly shun away from tight jeans, shirt and mini skirt

Because I elicit respect and not to be treated like dirt

I am never tossing my Hijab aside because of your annoying stare

I seek to protect myself from Shaitan's tempting snare

Why do you seem offended by my dress code?

After all my veil does not cover my intellect nor taint my achievements

I am least bothered on whether or not you think I am pretty

My Hijab has rather strengthened me with inner beauty

To all those who think I am oppressed and not free

You see, you are rather suffering from oppression

You're chained in the dark world of fashion and greed

Where the nakedness of a woman is being given a price tag

Hear me as I say this out loud

I am a Hijabi and proud

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