My History(Again)

Poem By Eliseo Rivera

This is how my story starts
It begins with a broken heart
My begining is my end
And still I remain condemed
Chained to this pain
I revive just to die again
The circumstances are different
But the result is still the same
Pointless fantasies is what I believed
Pain and lies is what I recieved
This story has already been retold
I've been down this road
I know where it leads to
But no matter what I do
I'm still losing my babii boo
And if this is true
Then my life is due
But it doesn't matter cause my life will renew
Now it might sound good
But I don't feel the way you think I should
It sounds good and nice
But you haven't died more than twice
You're out looking in
Watching my outside sins and grins
But I'm in looking out
You can't hear my screams and shouts
Don't criticize my life if you don't know what it's about
The love of my life
It seems I found
But it doesn't matter
Cause my future has already been written down
My future is my past
My first chapter is also my last
And my past is my future
Like making a new chair out of old furniture
There is nothing I can ever nurture
Cause everyone I ever loved
Seems to leave me in the end
This is My History...............Again


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