My Honesty Hurt Me More

The one day that I had no choice but busines time to share
Things went too far and you saw us holding over tableware

We held hands for a moment and no it was only brief
Does your mind forgive for the trust I broke and grief?

In a moment of weakness my hand closer crept
Life is unforgiving if it went too far both of us wept

That the story and my version for you so honest
Hurt I see now in you my actions not the boldest

The day you met me I fell in love that very instant
Ones like me sadly survive on basic instinct

Dearest woman this is me and weak but all yours
To fight like this will continue to close all love's doors

Us a team a couple an item, but this event will again repeat...
I must warn that the sadness I cause will not be a holliday retreat...

Arno Le Roux 20l4

by Arno Le Roux

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