My Hope Is

I recently while looking for a audio poem for friend, ran across'the ball turret gunner poem'
while at the same day he advised me of a movie I would like to buy/rent 'Voices of War' about Poetry and war.
I also have been reading a lot of my older books that contain poetry regarding war, there is no time exempt.
I don't nor have I been to war, or served.
if called..I do believe I would have for the common good of my countrymen along with those I love.
I would probably die though I am a fighter.
I do not believe in taking lives, it seems to be a great waste as the ticker of the causalities of war seems endless.
This is a attempt by me to write of war.
the horrors seldom seen anymore because if we saw, as people of god..we would surely call for peace

Demons lay in deadly wait
for me to stumble or hesitate
I look at them in rightful scorn
since ere the day that I was born

Confidence in the Court of Kings
while lady fate will gently sing
stuck on lands jeweled Iron cross
found again but ever lost

who is this man that killed me dead
while escaped a tear and sorrow shed
for his eye's hold hope the same as I
while before him I will surely die

His Love I'm sure within his heart
the sadness when his love did part
to go to war, to save the land
for the good, in Good Kings plan

I spied him on the other side
while war was stopped and death denied
But then with calls, the turning tide
when King calls 'War', he will not hide.

I knew this man so long ago
before the time of war we go
I knew his mother, watched him grow
now his blade is at my throat

He screams the scream of agony
while he thrusts the blade deep into me
heard from earth, cross the sea
he does the right, that he believes

Who is This man, who killed me dead
'He is your brother' someone said
from my throat, my blood spilled red
while to the earth it will be wed

'I'm sorry brother, ' he gently cried
I saw the tear escape his eye
'I never wish to see you die'

Such is life and death on earth
for centuries this is conquest's work
of mortal man of god and kings
to all in war that death will bring

he leaves me now As I do die,
eyes left open to the sky
all the soldiers I do hear cry
My hope is heavens birth for I

by Cee Bea

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