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My Hot Black Love, Or, Ode To Java
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My Hot Black Love, Or, Ode To Java

HIS name? Please. What man
among us lives solely for
the touch of your lips
and the “mmmm” that oozes
only if he’s really good?
No, my love is ready for me
on demand,
waiting patiently for my
Soothing every injury
Smoothing every edge
Offering clarity in a blurred existence
Inspiring me to face my fortune
or frivolity
Mi amor, unlike mi men, judges not
the words of my lips,
travels impeccably well,
and sets my heart’s pace each
and every morning.

He is?
Columbian Blend
and he’s calling my name.

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Comments (11)

Ohhh yeah, I'm with you on this one. I am completely unable to function without it in the a.m. The one love that never disappoints. Don
I am reading this while sipping a cup of Colombian blend - nature's most perfect food.
Ah yes, more of the Boulardian, charming wit. You had me craving a cigarette a moment ago, now you got me running for a coffee. What next? Perhaps a delicious little number singing the praises of pizza or cheesecake? Cheers, Greg
This is great, Lori, a lot of hot, black fun! ! ! Thanks for commenting on mine at UR ABLE. We know what we like! (And thanks, C.A.!) : ]
Sounds like you've got a whole latte love! I remember another similar one here at PH - 'My Hot Joe'. -chuck
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