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My House Of Mine
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

My House Of Mine

My house has several windows
Which I can look upon my yard,
In the daytime they are my escape
And at nighttime they are my guard.
To the outside world they are the eyelids,
They see what I want when the world forbids.

My house it has a metal roof
It protects me and my family from the storm,
Inside I need not to carry an umbrella or wear boots
Nature for me it must conform.
From danger and mother nature it keeps me aloof,
It protects me, and will always keep me waterproof.

My house it has several doors
Within many rooms of my home,
They take me to different moods and desires
When in a dream I close my eyes and I roam.
My doors will keep unwelcome guests and pests away,
And they provide the homeyness for friends to stay.

My house it is my sanctuary
It shelters me from the world outside,
It is truly my own Garden of Eden
It is where I can concentrate and also where I can hide.
Only I have permanent entrance to this paradise of mine,
Inside my home it is me, and I am it's shrine.

Randy L. McClave

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