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*my Human Angel* Why?

I cannot escape this hurt and anger, No one understands my thoughts
my soul is like poison, You left me behind, you are not here.
I am full of questions that are making me insane
Maybe you can hear me, but I still feel just pain...

I cried and cried so many nights
When I woke up I saw you here, It was 1 a.m.
I pretend to speak with you in the night 'cause of my feeling
bitterness, loneliness, hope, love, and pain.

A black light is all that I can see
I wish I can forget you
and never feel deep pain
Why can’t you just let me to die into your arms
to feel my heart heat
but you just leaving me all alone with loneliness
bleeding is the only way I can forget you
bleeding is the only way I can kill my pain

why did you hurt me?
why did you lie to me?
why you didn't tell me the truth?
you my human angel, my secret love,
why you did this to me?

can you give me back my secret and forget it?
can you give me back my happiness? because you are my happiness
I know is not your guilty
all my pain and memories are confusing me
my past, my childhood is not like any person because of my memories.
my human angel, dear angel, little angel come with me

help me to find my way back in this life.
I hope there is a way.
Help me to forgot, help me to live, give me your heart.

'help me'
before it's too late because i feel like I'm falling down
and i only wish to die! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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