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My Husband

My Husband

I fell in love with a perfect stranger
Distance could not kill what we had
I loved you as you were
All the good and the bad

There was a time you didn't value
The true love that I gave
There was a great price
Your infidelity paid

Although I truly, madly & deeply
Loved you with all my heart
I really didn't feel
I could give us a new start

Through prayer and time
God wanted me to let you go
He wanted you to see the damage you'd done
He wanted you to know

He helped you to let go
Of the dangerous evil within
He helped you to see
Your place lies truly with him

Through all the intense pain I felt
I never let go of you in my heart
It's still extremely hard for me
It tears me apart

My heart was torn in two
It felt as though I was dead
The images of you and her
Do not leave from my head

I made some mistakes of my own
Along the rocky way
I still love with all my heart
Is what I am trying to say

by tina price

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