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My I Miss You Nightmare
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My I Miss You Nightmare

just about every night i wake
enhale that sharp breath i need to take
i wake up in sweat, i wake up tears.
i wake up and wish to rid my fears.
over and over i realize,
the reason for my hopeless cries.
i got tired of my twisting and trurnig,
of my heart and its yearning.
i let you go but you wernt forgottin...
i let you go but you wernt forgottin.
lately i've reminenced
of the times when we kissed.
i remember our final hug.
then the pain of my sad hearts tug.
I miss the way you held me close
and how i felt as if i loved you the most.
as time goes by my heart does grow
i mean with cracks of letting you go.
i remember your laugh or remember your smile.
then i feel a pain for a while.
soon i settle back into sleep
and try to find the bliss i seek
i wipe away my residing tear.
and sleep to the silence that i hear.
i try not to think of oyu tonight
but wake up again before mornings light.

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Hi there crystal, It’s nice to read the words of hearts… so as to say, when a person writes something… the readers knew whether the emotions were fake’n or if it has been taken from within… your 'I miss you nightmare” sounds intriguing. Just like me, I would inspire you to write more in order to be practiced, effective and well, whether it be in writing poems or in reading emotions… till then, I’ll be seeing you around. :)