My Idea Of Beauty

Beauty is the sensation of your heart skipping a beat,
when eyes full of mischief glance at you...
Beauty is the smile which appears on your lips, when you think of the way he smiles at you...
Beauty is in the heart which touches another
Beauty is tender hands holding each other
Beauty is strong arms holding you warm
Beauty is in water, beauty is in weather,
beauty is in air, beauty is in life
Beauty is in love, beauty is in wind...
Beauty surrounds you days and nights
yet no one knows beauty's heights...

by Nitya Pillai

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I agree. Nitya wrote the truth.
“beauty is the sensation of your heart” Easy definition of beauty
really beautiful.
We have to choose a theme for an English project. I chose beauty and this is one of my favourites! I like the way you don't define beauty as a physical asset but as a way of defining love.
Beautiful poem. Everything you say is very true and i am studding your poem for a school assesment as i am exploring diffrent idea's of beauty in poem's and yours is a Great, Fantastic, WONDERFUL poem. I speak very highly of it. Hahaha, [3
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