My Ideal Country

Translated by Yiyan HAN(c)
2008-02-05 (last modified 2017-12-24)

There's no land and river in my country
There's no regime and army in my country
My country can be held in my heart
As she's small like a piece of pearl or diamond

Yet the country in my heart can be so immense
That can't be accommodated in this universe
My country isn't mean nor jealous
My country has doves flying freely and lambs walking slowly
My country is cracking down on violence, crushing handcuffs
And chains, and burying ignorance

In my heart, my country
Enjoys my love and admiration
My country has blue sky and white clouds
I sing to praise the working people
On my home land and all the living beings

O, my motherland, sometimes
Your defects are more enchanting than your pretty face
I sing to praise the vast plain of uncultivated fields, and your simpleness
I admire your majestic mountains, and even your roughness
I scream at the Yellow River, wave at the Yangtze
And go down on my knees towards mountains

O, Chomolungma, high up in the clouds
You watch the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and the horizon afar
Bow to the earth kissing farmers
And pay regards to the homeland of poverty and backwardness
No matter live or dead, I'm always yours
The dense forest and mother earth of great depth
Are my eternal home of homeless

Like all the crops and animals
I dispose of my skin, hair and body, and for you
I sacrifice my petty life even without enough to eat or wear
It's the crystal clear ocean tells me
That, in the morning of all birds that face the phoenix
My country is full of harmony and happiness
Each window covered with festive paper cutting
And each road with signs of God's blessing

I wish my country full of aromatic fragrance in each place
Children are playing, friendship and love ripen quicker and quicker
Women are smiling, and the elderly have a long healthy life
I wish my country blossom on every inch of her land
Four seasons like spring, bumper harvests year after year
And peace and harmony all year round

by Feipeng Shang

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Ever Such Heart Felt Beautiful Imagery! ! ! ! ! And Spirit, Of Your Country! ! ! ! ! Ever So Moving! ! ! ! ! Thank You Ever So Much For Sharing This! ! ! ! ! Endless 1OS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! +++++
I wish you and your country full of aromatic fragrance in each place. A beautiful patriotic poem.
Part Four: Wishing you Feipeng Shang A Very Happy 2018 and may our Dreams come true, yours and mine. Alone we fall, United we stand! Wish you much success, sincerest from Sylvia Frances Chan, Dutch Poetess born in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Part Three: Indeed we must keep dreaming for a sweeter, a better and peaceful world. IF we all do, then we surely have SUCCESS.
Part Two: you are dreaming of Utopia. Ah! Keep dreaming, surely one day this dream would be visible in real life.
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