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My Idol Is Dead
VK (22 July 1986 / New Delhi)

My Idol Is Dead

In my life on one fine day
My idol came along my way
Oh that person I admired so much
Oh that person inspired me so much
I wanted to be like him in everything
Just to be like that, what joy it’d bring
I wanted to live life the way he was living
Oh just the idea, how much joy it was giving
But one day to me my dear God said
I’m sorry my Child, your Idol is dead
From that day on I cried and I wept
Only God knows how those nights I slept
The person I admired lived no more
I had never faced such a situation before
He was the best person I had ever known
Tell me God, just why? He left me alone
Even with that news there wasn’t much I could do
I would not forget him, tell me could you?
Just thinking of it fills me with dread
I just can’t believe MY IDOL IS DEAD

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Maya Angelou

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Nice one, curious to know who the Idol was.