My Imagination Of You

It's Saturday morning the weather so windy and cold
Already Autumn here or perhaps comes to Winter
I sit in the park where i could watch you from far
feed those bunch of pigeons with smile in your face
i catch you with my camera, so i could memorize it well
you had no idea at all what is on my mind
cause my dreams fulfill, just to see you in real
walking together with you towards your city and enjoy the sunset
in the peak of one hill nearby your greatest ancient buildings
tomorrow i will leaving this for good
there is no pain inside, just notice that this need to be end
even we have purity friendships none more
I sing in my heart with a great lullaby that my dream could be in real
You have no idea that i was decided to go to my sanctum
Leave all behind none left turn into new life
I will discover it and will be like an angel serve the needs
despite the bad shadows in the past which i would not regret it
but guilt always falls inside...
so.. this is my last journey for freedom things
Keep to reach your dream till the peak my Sun..
Your shadow was disappear and ends your nightmare for goods
Leave you with the beautiful rainbow in your heart

by minaslune serene

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