My Imagine

This came about because of the growing hatred level in my College

Imagine a world without anger or hate
Imagine bigotry, intolerance and racism become obsolete
Imagine a world without Heaven or Hell
Imagine a world without borders or possession
Imagine a world without hungry or murder
Imagine a world that isn't imaginary
Imagine an imaginary world materializing
Can you live without hate?
Can you live with love?
Can you live in peace?
Can you Metal Head, stand with hand with Juggalo?
Would you even let this world come to form?
Or would you let it remain an idea?

Imagine a world where we don't die waiting for care
Imagine a world where we don't kill each other for land
Imagine a world where we don't care about language
Imagine a world where we don't kill the children anymore
Can you live this way?
Would you want to?
Can you?
Would you?
Would you really?
I may be a dreamer, but I feel like the only one

by Electric Tripp

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