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My India

Where else can you find?
A lake as beautiful as the Dal
Or the world’s wonder – The Taj Mahal
Gir forests filled with lion’s roars
Or the stretching miles of serene shores
The Temple of Konark where sculptures speak
Or the Himalayas ‘every lovely snow-capped peak.

The magic touch of Raksha Bandhan and Holi
The fervour of Dussehra, the Puja of Durgaji
The famous Ajanta, Ellora or the Holy Ganga
The apples of Kulu or the Kumbh Mela.

The list needs more than a day
There’s much more to say
Of the heritage passed down the ages
In the land of great kings and sages
All in India – the land of culture and art
India – the land that fascinates every heart.

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Other countries plundered India's riches in the past, but India never became poor, because of its spiritual richness. It never invaded other countries, but captured their hearts with its spiritual guns.